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Nuestra Experiencia
hojas verdes en verde

We are a family business, fourth generation banana producers, which generates a great experience in the banana sector.



We are a Colombian company whose mission is to produce bananas for export, complying with all the quality requirements stipulated by the International Trading Company, in order to satisfy customers in the international market, framed in a social and environmental conservationist policy, ensuring its harmonious growth and promoting agro-industrial development, social and business transparency.

We are committed to the progress of our personnel by improving their quality of life, promoting the personal, labor and social development of all the workers of the Company, promoting a high degree of awareness in the employees through training programs; mainly in those areas with a special environmental/social link.

C.I, Agrogaira S.A.S. respects free association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the Human Resources have the right to free association and union membership. Working conditions will be safe and hygienic, working hours will not be excessive to those allowed by law, does not implement corporal punishment, forced labor, mental or physical coercion, harassment or sexual abuse, no inhuman or severe treatment will be allowed. Regular work will be provided, a living wage will be paid, with equal pay, and no minors under 18 years of age will be hired. Employment will be freely chosen, voluntary resignation will be accepted without penalty or retaliation, transparent hiring without discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, HIV/AIDS status, age, religion, political opinion, national origin, union membership or representative bodies, and no retaliation for making suggestions, complaints and grievances.


Thus, we seek the protection of human rights, environmental protection, the development of the region and the prosperity of the Company, its families, community and its environment.



By the year 2025, we will be one of the leading companies in the production of bananas for export, preferred for its excellent fruit quality and recognized for its administrative model, its human strength, transparency, agricultural, technical, financial and environmental management, standing out for its dedication to training, education and development of its employees, improving the quality of life of its human resources.   Thus, generating capacity, response to the national and international market, always offering our human quality, continuous improvement in the process and product. Reflected in the impact on the environment, consolidating the optimization of natural resources.

Corporate Values of C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S.

It is the ability to influence others, through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, created by a purpose.

Kindness: Kindness at work has a direct impact on business success. This culture of collaboration and respect is especially useful in times of great tension or internal crisis, so common in everyday life, since an exchange of views from sincerity, honesty and respect, is much smarter in practical terms than the tendency to discussion and confrontation for other people's reasons or past conflicts.


Perseverance: Perseverance is a fundamental human value. It allows the individual to continue forward without giving up despite difficulties, obstacles, frustration, discouragement, boredom, the tendency or desire to give up or abandon a situation.


Sense of Belonging: the value of love, gratitude and care that one has towards things. Belonging is that feeling that leads us to see something as part of us, of our lives, of our inner selves; and above all, something that we somehow perceive as important.


Teamwork: C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will do whatever it takes to stay united and achieve group results. Focusing on cooperating to achieve solutions and not just concessions. We will be flexible in our work, willing to change if necessary. Asking for and providing help when needed.

Commitments to achieve our policy.

We are committed to:

  • Allocate the human, financial and physical resources necessary for the planning, execution and evolution of environmental programs, labor welfare, occupational health and all requirements for compliance with Fairtrade, Rainforest, GLOBAL GAP, GRASP, SMETA (Good Social Practices Evaluation) standards.


  • Support the achievement of Fairtrade objectives and values, promote fairer trading conditions, empower producers and workers to fight poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.


  • Always keep our staff trained to achieve better performance.


  • The area of Labor Welfare and Occupational Health will be in charge of coordinating activities aimed at improving working conditions in the workplace.


  • C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will provide workers with personal protection elements, with the quality required to perform their jobs with a minimum risk according to the list of personal protection elements for each job stipulated by the company.


  • The prevention and control of occupational risks will be everyone's responsibility, C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will emphasize especially on those who have under their direction a group of personnel. Either through training and other strategies that may be required.


  • Facilitate staff attendance at all meetings and training provided by the Area of Labor Welfare and Occupational Health, health, education and training.  These must be previously scheduled in coordination with those responsible.


  • C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will include in the new programs, technological modifications, which implement all aspects of environmental, labor welfare and occupational health, to ensure the continuous improvement of the same and the good health of all staff.


  •  C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will facilitate the election, conformation and operation of the Occupational Health Joint Committee and Emergency Brigades to support, promote and monitor the health programs carried out in compliance with Law 100.

  • C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will perform mandatory medical examinations at entry, periodical and retirement.  These evaluations originate towards the risk factors to which all employees and workers have been exposed or will be exposed.


  •  C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will include new environmental programs to prevent, reduce and mitigate the environmental impacts generated by our agro-industrial production process.


  • C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. will make known to all workers and employees the Socio-Environmental Policy and procedure for complaints and claims for compliance, will be posted in a visible place.

  • We will all commit ourselves to the achievement of the Sustainable Development of our Company C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S.

Nuestro Impacto Ecológico

Our Ecological Impact

We are a company committed to the environmental impact that we create when carrying out our activities and/or benefits FAIRTRADE, for this reason, together with Ecologica recycles we work on the sustainable development and continuous improvement of our company (ECORECYCLING producers). For us it is important to reduce pollution, we opt for the efficient use of natural, renewable and non-renewable resources with the aim of minimizing the impact of our waste, guaranteeing a positive contribution to our planet.

Objectives and goals of the socio-environmental policy C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S.

  • Improve working conditions that allow greater well-being for the individual, through the identification of risk factors, taking preventive and corrective measures in order to reduce the adverse effects generated on health.


  • Reduce waste and depredation of resources used in our production process, reducing the emission of pollutants into our environment.


  • To design environmental policies, which promote and generate a friendly practice with the environment by C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S.


  • Promote environmental awareness among employees and the community.


  • Develop the necessary procedures to prevent, eliminate and minimize the environmental impact.


  • Contribute to the educational development of employees and their families, for the family and social welfare of the C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. community.

  • Monitor the health insurance and that a good service is provided by the EPS, to employees and their families through clear and optimal policies that generate peace of mind to the employees of C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. and their families.


  • To carry out health campaigns and home visits with the appropriate personnel (psychologists), which allow C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. to obtain information about the real situation of its employees inside and outside the company in order to offer recommendations and make programs aimed at improving social development.

  • Promote spaces for listening and reflection on the part of the employees, which allow them to bring up and discuss aspects that allow them to improve their quality of life.

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